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Parent Advisory Council of Highlands Elementary School

Safe Routes Advocates (SRA)

North Shore Safe Routes Advocates (SRA) is dedicated to establishing safe routes to school, active transportation initiatives, and sustainable transportation infrastructure.  

Highlands parents have been a key part of establishing SRA and working to make students' trips to and from school a safer experience.

Safe Routes Advocates Letter Campaign

The SRA (Safe Routes Advocates), a group of parents dedicated to your children’s safety, now needs your help. They are asking the DNV to hire a Mobility Manager: a person dedicated to increasing the safety and awareness of all in the community. 

The City of North Van has invested in this position and we feel the DNV could benefit from it as well. Please take a moment to send them your thoughts. If many parents speak up, this may just happen. Many of you want crossing guards, better marked pathways and bike lanes, etc. If there is a position dedicated to these issues, there may be movement. 

Please take the time to write a brief letter of support!  To make things a little easier, please see the sample letter below.  Feel free to cut and paste!

North Shore SRA Letter Campaign.doc

Traffic Safety Study
Our school was selected by NVSD and the District of North Vancouver to be the beneficiary of a 2015 School Traffic Safety study. 

The school study process has been successful in identifying high priority improvements with support of school administration and parents and to prepare “safe routes to school” maps as a resource for school communities.

The resulting document can be seen here. We will be discussing the most needed improvements and welcome your input at the PAC meeting this coming Tuesday, Feb 2nd.

For more information on the study, please click here.

In the Community
Find out what SRA is doing here:  https://www.facebook.com/northshoresra

Follow SRA on Twitter here:   https://twitter.com/NorthShoreSRA 

Many of you have heard of the North Shore SRA, and visited this link on our PAC webpage. Here is some more interesting info on what the SRA does. Martyn Schmoll, one of the SRA co-chairs, has started “Freedom Fridays” at Canyon heights, another walk and wheel initiative that helps bring our community together. So far the WOW program has been a resounding success here at Highlands, and we thank the parents for their time and energy in helping create such a successful program.



The SRA is always looking for champions to further the ‘safe routes’ cause. We are keen to hear your input on how we can all make our community a safer one. What are your thoughts on crossing guards? (And could you be one?) Do you want a walking school bus in your neighborhood, or a ride share program? Many drive to work straight from school, and when we all live so close, sure we can work together and carpool. Would you like to help the SRA in creating a safer community?

Email erinmacanir@gmail.com for questions/thoughts/ideas.

In the News
A recent article in the North Shore Outlook captures some of the work done to date and issues to be resolved.  Here is the article:  'District parents seek safer routes to school'

Capilano Road Construction:   
The Capilano Road construction is underway and traffic is being re-routed to Delbrook and Highlands Boulevard.  Visit the links below for some handy tips, updates and information.


Capilano Construction - HL_CH_CL_CB_LR.pdf

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