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Parent Advisory Council of Highlands Elementary School

Food Days Program

Ordering is now CLOSED for the 2017/18 Year 

Food Days is one of HPAC's most successful fundraisers. Twice a year parents have the opportunity to order food for four different themed days - Mexican, Sushi, Pizza & Hot Entree Days. Then every Friday, parent volunteers distribute lunches to those students who have chosen to participate. The kids love the program as they get to enjoy a hot meal with their classmates; parents love the program as they are off the hook for packing a lunch that day. A win for everyone! All proceeds directly benefit Highlands students through HPAC-funded items and activities.

Gluten free options are available on Sushi Days, Hot Entree Days and Mexican Days. 

Hot Lunch Mondays are here to stay!  The Pilot period for Mondays were a success, so we are continuing on with this popular hot lunch day.  The menu will be limited to pizza or Subway, baked goods, and milk to keep costs, waste, and volunteer time to a minimum. 

How to Order

  1. Click on the button below. If you have registered for Food Days previously, select Login Here and start creating your order. There is a Forgot Password? option for those needing a little reminder. 
  2. If this is your first time ordering, select Register Here and create an account for your family. After creating your account, you can return anytime by clicking Login Here.
  3. Go to the Ordering Lunch tab and select the first child for whom you would like to place an order.
  4. Follow the instructions on placing your child's order on each of the five lunch days. Your order is not complete until you select Complete Your Order.
  5. Once you have ordered for all of your children, select Done and you will be taken to the My Account Balance screen. Select Pay Now to process your payment via Stripe.
Some Things to Remember
  • All orders must be received by Noon Monday, January 22nd 2018.  
  • Payment will only be received via Stripe (Munchalunch's payment platform).
  • There are no refunds or changes after ordering closes. If you are away during a Food Day, please consider your payment a donation to the HPAC.
  • We always need parents to deliver the lunches to the Kindergarten to Grade 4 classrooms. If you are available to help out on Fridays or Mondays from Noon-12:20pm, please sign up on your classroom's Shutterfly account or via your class rep.
Questions or Concerns - You can contact the Food Days Coordinator at lunchmum@gmail.com.


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